Home made Fudge Brownie recipe

Fudgy Brownies Chocolate

Step 1


  1. Butter at room temp-100gm
  2. Dark chocolate-125gm
  3. Powder sugar -190gm
  4. Eggs-2
  5. Maida-3\4 cups (All purpose flour)
  6. Coco powder-1 tbsp
  7. Vanila essence-1tsp
  8. Walnut chopped-1\4cup


  • Pre heat oven at 170 dg c.
  • Grease 8\8 inches square pan and line greased pan with parchment paper.
  • Melt chocolate and butter on double boiler till chocolate melts.
  • when butter melts nicely take off from gas and add sugar and whisk with hand whisker .
  • Add eggs and essence in it while whisking.
  • add dry ingredients and chopped walnuts dusted with maida in chocolate and butter mixture.Donot over mix.
  • Pour this batter in greased and lined tin ,bake it for 28 minutes .
  • to check brownies are done insert a toothpick ,it has moist crumbs clings to it .
  • Remove from oven and place it on wire rack to cool.
  • When Brownie is at room temperature cut into square pieces with knife.
  • Enjoy with hot coffee or tea.


For Brownies always use square tin.
Use room temperature eggs.
Always dust chopped walnuts or any dry fruits before adding in batter.

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