I ALWAYS SAY YESSS TO TRAVELling new places .Physically challenging travel is real adventure .And everyone loves this adventure .Some of us like trekking...cycling..hiking...mountaineering....skydiving...scuba diving. Exploring
new cultures ...studing their traditions while living with them is also adventures.

More and more people Are going p
laces which were off limits just a few years ago.Most of us used to believe that only tourist places are to visit with tourist guide only, this is my personal opinion .In few decades adventure tourism is growing or its becoming a travel trend.
Solo traveling, couples travelling, female only gpoups , honeymoon travelling ,senoior citizen travelling are part of new traveling trends. Due to internet connections almost everywhere now everything is so approachable that we can explore new places or new countries according to our interests .I love to explore exotic and remote places while solo travelling. It gives me new experiences while stepping out of comfort zone. Experiencing other cultures and customs gives you a new vision to gain knowledge .Coming out of shell and going on solo trip is a kind of religious experience that I believe all of us should try it once atleast .I Plan my own trip according to my interests and decide what I love to do and don't . Choice of activities is all matters to me. I decide with whom I want to hang out during ny trip. No one is there to judge me . I believe that solo travelling makes me bold and independent .
Solo travelling is safer than before . There are safe destinations which are perfect for first time solo travellers Booking your hotel with 24 hours front desk is also a safe option incase you arrive late or reach before time . Book uber or local taxi to reach hotel or hostel you have already booked .Leave a copy of itinerary with your family or friend and keep updating them . Keep a road map with you when travelling alone .

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